Almost Home

Almost Home Logo"Almost Home" is an extension of the Valley Interfaith Promise sheltering program.
It provides temporary housing for families who have gained full-time employment but need more time before moving into permanent housing. The eligibility for "Almost Home" will be limited to those who have entered and completed the VIP shelter program requirements.

Current "Almost Home" partners:

* Columbus Habitat for Humanity

* NeighborWorks Columbus

* Pine Meadow Estates

* Stokes Properties (Phenix City)

* Evangel Temple VIP House

* S.E.E. The American Dream

* Elite Ventures Realty - ERA

* SPI Realty

VIP is looking for private landlords to partner with VIP on a 6-month lease or month-to-month arrangement. The lease will be secured by VIP.

Churches with extra property (family unit) can partner with VIP. This can help families who may need 30 to 60 days as they are close to securing a permanent housing unit. The unit could be available for families with full-time employment and their own transportation.

The goal for "Almost Home" is to inform families about their housing options and set goals toward finding permanent housing, either to become homeowners or renters in good standing.

Habitat for Humanity believes “Almost Home” is very important. It allows the experience of potential homeownership while continuing to be served by VIP. Habitat will provide extensive training, modeling, and practical applications that are necessary in order to insure success as a homeowner. “Almost Home” can help Habitat keep houses occupied and sustainable in local neighborhoods while allowing families an opportunity to experience homeownership in a simple, decent, and safe home constructed with volunteer labor and the support of the Columbus community.
--- Brinkley Pound, Executive Director, Columbus Habitat for Humanity

"Almost Home" is the only transitional housing program of its kind in Columbus/Phenix City area for homeless families.

“Almost Home” gives NeighborWorks Columbus an opportunity to assist families who have found themselves in a homeless situation. This partnership gives families a fighting chance to return to a place they can call home. NeighborWorks Columbus will look to bring resources to the table that will help “Almost Home” become a success.
--- Cathy Williams. Executive Director, NeighborWorks Columbus

"Almost Home" is a great step towards helping Columbus with its 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness.

The first family, Marcus and Glacier Simpson, entered the "Almost Home" program on June 28th and moved into permanent housing on July 25th!