2016 VIP Bed Race

Time/Date: February 27, 2016

10:00am - 2:00pm

14th St. & Broadway in Uptown Columbus

What is the VIP Bed Race

We are excited about your interest in the VIP Bed Race!! This is a unique fund raising event.
The VIP Bed Race is held each year on the last Saturday of February in the heart of Uptown Columbus.

The VIP Bed Race encourages your team to build a bed on wheels, then race your bed (using manpower only) against other teams for awards and prizes. Teams must have a minimum of five people to run the actual race – one rider & four runners to push the bed.

The race course is a straight run on 14th Street starting from 1st Avenue to Broadway (at the corner of Country’s BBQ). It is approximately 150 yards long.

Teams will compete in these categories:
  • Susan Scroggs Memorial Merit Award – The team that raises the most money for VIP.
  • Fastest Bed – Best overall combined times (2 heats). 
  • Donna Souerwine Memorial Best Theme – Most creative design determined by local celebrity judges.
  • Heath Jackson Memorial Team Spirit Award – The team that brings the most fans who report to the VIP booth.
  • Crowd’s choice – Crowd votes for favorite bed     $1 per vote, 6 votes for $5, 15 votes for $10, 80 votes for $50
  • Divisional Winners – Church, School, Business/Community, Junior
Your team can have support people to help with their bed construction and design and to collect donations for Valley Interfaith Promise to be credited to your team’s effort in raising the most money.